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The Fiction of Relationship: 1st Assignment

Here is the my text written for the first assignment of The Fiction of Relationship MOOC. The ojective was to explain, how do I understand the title of the course.

The first association that appeared in my mind, when I started to think about meaning of “Fiction of the Relationship” was The Shobies’ Story, a short story by Ursula K. Le Guin. A group of people tries to use new method of space travel, but instead of move to another star they move into splitted reality. They can’t agree on what they perceive, they lost connection to each other’s reality. And what do they do? They sit around the campfire and tell the stories to each other, each person tells about own version of reality. And through this stories (through fiction) they are able to re-establish their connection (their relationship). So Fiction of the Relationship can be seen as understanding others via telling stories to another people or telling stories together. Also, relationships are often represented as stories…

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Here is my review of EDC MOOC written for another blog

EDC MOOC Review at “Bytes and Banter”

(btw, there are many useful MOOC reviews by different authors in this blog)

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Know Thyself: Week 4 Mind Map

Usually I don’t watch video lectures online, because I prefer to download them. So I don’t see in-video quizzes that are given in most Coursera lectures. I tried to find another way to remember and understand material better. Making a mind map seems to be a good idea. However, it was a bit difficult to find appropriate tool for my method of mind-mapping: I use many elements, want to place them where I want on the screen and make lots of interconnections. The min map from this post was made with CMAP Tools – this is the best free mind mapping tool I found till now. First I had an idea to make a mind map for the whole course, but it would be too big and difficult to use. CMAP allows to make links between different maps, so I can still make links like “Ryle criticizes Descartes”. (I don’t know if I will make mind maps for previous lectures, but I’m sure I will make them for every next lecture, because it really improves the effectiveness of studying: I got 10/10 at Week 4 Quiz – first time got the highest grade at this course).

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Aboriginal Worldviews and Education

This week this MOOC comes to its end. I think I will not have time to do the last Quiz, because I took part at two MOOCs at the same time, and the second (Know Thyself) is more interesting for me now, and I would like to finish it with getting a certificate.

The biggest problem with both EDC MOOC and Aboriginal Worldviews was for me, that they were too short. Four weeks aren’t enough for me to study something. Just when I start to feel connected with course’s topics and materials it comes to it’s end. And I think also, that both courses was overloaded with information, as for me. I would prefer to have same amount of information in 5 or 6 weeks. It is not about lack of time to watch all lectures and videos. It is about lack of time to discuss all what I want to discuss, to think about all this materials we get. Actually, I don’t want to sit at Coursera forums through all day. So I would like to have less materials for each week do discuss them deeper.

Studying Aboriginal Worldviews and Education was very productive for me, and I got some interesting ideas. Maybe I will write some of Activities this week, even they wouldn’t be counted for my grade already.

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