вторник, 9 апреля 2013 г.

Know Thyself: Week 4 Mind Map

Usually I don’t watch video lectures online, because I prefer to download them. So I don’t see in-video quizzes that are given in most Coursera lectures. I tried to find another way to remember and understand material better. Making a mind map seems to be a good idea. However, it was a bit difficult to find appropriate tool for my method of mind-mapping: I use many elements, want to place them where I want on the screen and make lots of interconnections. The min map from this post was made with CMAP Tools – this is the best free mind mapping tool I found till now. First I had an idea to make a mind map for the whole course, but it would be too big and difficult to use. CMAP allows to make links between different maps, so I can still make links like “Ryle criticizes Descartes”. (I don’t know if I will make mind maps for previous lectures, but I’m sure I will make them for every next lecture, because it really improves the effectiveness of studying: I got 10/10 at Week 4 Quiz – first time got the highest grade at this course).

Click to see larger version (4927×2732)

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