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AWE MOOC Week 1 Activity: Meaningful Place

One of the tasks of Week 1 at Aboriginal Worldview and Education MOOC is to describe own meaningful place. Here is what I wrote.

I cannot say that there is a place now, that I visit regularly and feel connected to. I have irrational feelings related to certain districts of areas of my hometown, and I also spend much time in libraries and like them very much. But the story of meaningful place is something different.

As I was child I visited my great grandmother every summer. She lived in another country (I live in Russia, and she was in Lithuania) in a small resort city. I can say that the city in whole, the image of a city in my memory is a meaningful place for me. I felt it again few months ago, when I was browsing Google Maps and found this city. I haven’t been there already for many years since my great grandmother has gone to a better world, but I still remember, where which tree was, and where I liked to walk, etc.

And I can also mention certain places in this city, that are even more meaningful for me. Sometimes (and not rare) I see this city in my dreams, and there are some key places, that appear more often. The playground. The tree near the house that was the common place for my games with friends and was everything from house to spaceship. A foot-path through the forest. An old log not far from the path that has the form of a wolf and was also my favorite place. A silent lake. A small river with an cascade. Our dacha and all this suburb area, that we visited nearly every day. I see now, that this list can be longer – there are so many things to mention. So I will stop and say, that the city of summers of my childhood is my meaningful place. Many very important stories of my life started there. I have a dream to visit this city maybe when I will be 30 years old… but I also have the fear that this can destroy the image of this city I have now in my memory.

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