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#EDCMOOC Some practical examples of problems in educational system

I work as private tutor in Russia, and I would like to give two examples, wchich, I think, show, what is wrong with our current educational system. Just particular observations, but I think, they are typical.

First: In most cases I visit my pupils at their homes. When I come a bit late, for example 5 minutes later, it's difficult to tell my 10-years-old pupil that we will than finish our lesson 5 minutes later too. So it is not about "spend some time to get some knowledge", it is like "finish this lesson as soon as we can, and go to more interesting things". (Actually, I put much effort to make a lesson interesting, but I don't have much success till now). I think this comes from typical 45-minutes-long school lessons, when all pupils work regardless their own productive work periods etc. They are used to work just when they have to work, and then throw this away from their mind.
Actually, students or school pupils of last year of education who prepapre to exams think already a bit different. They know what they need and why, so it is already not a problem to make a lesson a bit longer. But the problem still remains: In this year, from the 15 first-year university students I asked (I took part at  the exam as professor's assistant), only three have read something behind the basic textbooks. They just do their task from point A to point B and nothing more. 

Second. The same 10-years-old pupil from the example above asked me: "When I asked you, what grade will I get, why do you say "4", not "5"?" Actually, I didn't think about this problem when I gave the answer, I just said fairly what I think. But for the pupil a dream about getting "very good" (5 in our system) grade was more important than real information about her knowledge and what she do to improve it. So here is the problem: Pupils and student (and their parents too) worry about grades more than about getting real useful knowledge.

I think such problems cannot be solved without deep reorganization of educational system, and modern technologies give useful tools for than - we shoul only use them properly.

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